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Non Formal Education
Fifteen million children around the world die of hunger every year, says UNICEF. There are around 300 million chronically hungry children. 130 million do not attend school. It is estimated that 250 million children work in dangerous conditions. 40 million children suffer from abuse and neglect. There are 100 million street children.

India’s literacy rate is 65% versus a global average of 80%. 35 million of our 192 million children between 6-14 years are ‘out of school’. Of those enrolled, another 15 million are habitual absentees. Drop-out rates are staggering and only 31% complete basic schooling grade X. Amongst those who actually attend class, learning levels are deplorable. .

7 million out of 19 million children in Grade V cannot read and write. This does not even constitute literacy, let alone education.

Studies repeatedly show that education is the best way to eliminate poverty and help children to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Mary’s Meal is the flagship campaign of UK overseas aid organization, Scottish International Relief. The birth of SIR is the fruit of inspiration from Queen of Peace, popularly known as “Our Lady of Medjugorije”. Mary’s Meals is an attempt to provide daily nutritious meals to children in a school/non formal learning center, regardless of their religion. This meal encourages children into the class-room. It gives children the sustenance they require, not just to survive, but to concentrate, learn, grow and develop healthily. In this way Mary’s Meals build a ladder out of poverty as the education the children receive increases the opportunities for the productive employment and creates more-self-reliant and healthier societies. Thus, the world’s poorest communities can be transformed.

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